pkg 1.5.0

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pkg 1.5.0 が 2015年の4月に提供が開始されました。Mac OS X や NetBSD などのサポートが始まりました。




pkg 1.5.0 の特徴として

  • Mac OS X のサポート
  • NetBSD / EdgeBSD のサポート


pkg 1.6.0 では、

  • アップグレード(pkg upgrade)の安全な慎重な選択(チェリー・ピッキング, cherry-picking )
  • フレキシブルな依存をサポートするための provides/requires の拡張
  • Linux パッケージバックエンド
  • リポジトリのパッケージの複数バージョンのサポート



Final pkg 1.5.0 has been released.

What happened since pkg 1.4.0:
- Initial provides/requires support
- Lots of new regression tests have been added
- Initial support for OS X
- Initial support for NetBSD/EdgeBSD
- Update most of the bundled third party software has been updated to their
  latest version
- Improve the messages reported by pkg
- Properly support file flags
- Implement argument support for custom keywords
- Extend setting credential via plist to allow to set file flags
- Make credential syntax via plist more flexible allow to only defines the first
- pkg updating now supports case insensitive matching
- pkg create now support a verbose mode
- Add an option to change the default on question, until now the default answer
  was "No" with that option set it would be "Yes"
- Lots of fixes to pkg audit -r
- Global memory usage reduction and speed up
- Improvements and cleanup on pkg alias
- pkg annotate --show --all has been fixed
- Make pkg.h C++ friendly
- Lots of improvements in the solver
- Lots of fixes on 32 bits platforms
- Add support for: pkg create -M ./plop.ucl -p ./plop.plist
- New pkg -r <rootdir> that will install in the given rootdir without chrooting
- Export PKG_ROOTDIR to scripts allow to make them as portable as possible
- Stop trying to remove all installed package with the argument of pkg delete is
  a local file
- Be more explicit about why the solver it going to reinstall, remove or upgrade
  (when possible)
- Plenty of bug fixes
- Plenty of new bugs
- pkg shlibs now support -q
- pkg lock gained a new --has-locked-packages option
- pkg now resumes fetch if possible
- CONSERVATIVE_UPGRADE is now on by default
- pkg alias now have a -l argument to list aliases
- A sample pkg.conf is now installed with a bunch of aliases set by default
- Fix the backup script to properly export an sql which will be importable via
  pkg shell and/or sqlite out of box

I would like to thank anyone that has been contributing to pkg to make this
release happen (via code, bug report, feature request, testing and documentation)

For pkg 1.6.0 among other things and depending on the time, here is what we do
plan to work on:
- Safe cherry-picking of upgrades (aka: pkg upgrade something)
- New context dependant messages:
  * messages that only appears during upgrades
  * messages that only appears on deinstall
  * messages that only appears on install
- Extend provides/requires to support flexible dependencies
- Linux package backend (?)
- Allow multiple versions of a given package in a repo
- Add more regression tests
- Improve documentation




$ sudo pkg update
$ sudo pkg install pkg