sshguard のコマンドラインオプション

提供: セキュリティ
移動: 案内検索

sshguard のコマンドラインオプションです。


sshguard のコマンドラインオプションです。

$ sshguard -help
sshguard [-b thr:file] [-w <whlst>]{0,n} [-a num] [-p sec] [-s sec]
        [-l source] [-f srv:pidfile]{0,n} [-i pidfile] [-v]
        -b      Blacklist: thr = number of abuses before blacklisting, file = blacklist filename.
        -a      Number of hits after which blocking an address (40)
        -p      Seconds after which unblocking a blocked address (420)
        -w      Whitelisting of addr/host/block, or take from file if starts with "/" or "." (repeatable)
        -s      Seconds after which forgetting about a cracker candidate (1200)
        -l      Add the given log source to Log Sucker's monitored sources (off)
        -f      "authenticate" service's logs through its process pid, as in pidfile
        -i      When started, save PID in the given file; useful for startup scripts (off)
        -v      Dump version message to stderr, supply this when reporting bugs
        The SSHGUARD_DEBUG environment variable enables debugging mode (verbosity + interactivity).