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dtrace とは、ダイナミックトレーシングコンパイラーとトレーシングユーテリティです。




dtrace は、DTraceの機能を使用するためのコマンドです。




Usage: dtrace [-32|-64] [-aACeFGhHlqSvVwZ] [-b bufsz] [-c cmd] [-D name[=def]]
        [-I path] [-L path] [-o output] [-p pid] [-s script] [-U name]
        [-x opt[=val]] [-X a|c|s|t]
        [-P provider [[ predicate ] action ]]
        [-m [ provider: ] module [[ predicate ] action ]]
        [-f [[ provider: ] module: ] func [[ predicate ] action ]]
        [-n [[[ provider: ] module: ] func: ] name [[ predicate ] action ]]
        [-i probe-id [[ predicate ] action ]] [ args ... ]
        predicate -> '/' D-expression '/'
           action -> '{' D-statements '}'
        -32 generate 32-bit D programs and ELF files
        -64 generate 64-bit D programs and ELF files
        -a  claim anonymous tracing state
        -A  generate driver.conf(4) directives for anonymous tracing
        -b  set trace buffer size
        -c  run specified command and exit upon its completion
        -C  run cpp(1) preprocessor on script files
        -D  define symbol when invoking preprocessor
        -e  exit after compiling request but prior to enabling probes
        -f  enable or list probes matching the specified function name
        -F  coalesce trace output by function
        -G  generate an ELF file containing embedded dtrace program
        -h  generate a header file with definitions for static probes
        -H  print included files when invoking preprocessor
        -i  enable or list probes matching the specified probe id
        -I  add include directory to preprocessor search path
        -l  list probes matching specified criteria
        -L  add library directory to library search path
        -m  enable or list probes matching the specified module name
        -n  enable or list probes matching the specified probe name
        -o  set output file
        -p  grab specified process-ID and cache its symbol tables
        -P  enable or list probes matching the specified provider name
        -q  set quiet mode (only output explicitly traced data)
        -s  enable or list probes according to the specified D script
        -S  print D compiler intermediate code
        -U  undefine symbol when invoking preprocessor
        -v  set verbose mode (report stability attributes, arguments)
        -V  report DTrace API version
        -w  permit destructive actions
        -x  enable or modify compiler and tracing options
        -X  specify ISO C conformance settings for preprocessor
        -Z  permit probe descriptions that match zero probes